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CBW Head Shot Oct. 2020

About Me:

With over 15 years of creating experiences, I have planned and executed events that include receptions, special events, speaking engagements, weddings, festivals, and concerts. I am a creative thinker and caring individual specializing in creating lasting impressions. I pride myself in saving my clients time (and a few headaches) by simplifying and organizing the planning process into a manageable and fun experience. I have the vision to see the whole picture while attending to the smaller details that are critical to the success of every event.

Why the name White Pine Events?

White Pine Court is where it all started. It was a close community where friends and neighbors celebrated each other’s milestones. Whether it was a new baby, graduation, return from deployment, a BIG birthday, or a holiday, it called for a celebration. White Pine Court is where joyful memories were made.


White Pine Court was my home for close to 20 years.

White Pine is my roots. White Pine helped mold who I am today. White Pine is where I saw the importance of family, friends, and neighbors coming together to celebrate and support each other. It’s where I discovered I want to create lasting memories. 

Working Together: 

It will be a total partnership between you and me. I’ll start by getting a good overview of where you currently are with your planning and work with you to build a more comprehensive plan to move forward. This includes discussions on your venue, various vendors, and production. I’ll then create your event day timeline and logistics timeline, and more. On the day of your event, I will be there to manage the venue and vendors and will ensure all details are executed as planned.


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